Poct Tests For Analyzer

Fluorescent Immunoassays is a biochemical technique used for detecting the binding of the “detection” antibody and the analyte molecule. A fluorescent based immunoassay uses as the detection reagent a fluorescent compound which absorbs light or energy (excitation energy) at a specific wavelength and then emits light or energy at a different wavelength. The difference between the wavelength of the excitation light and the emission light is called the Stokes shift. The greater the shift or difference in the wavelength the less interference there will be by having the excitation light detected as part of the emission light. Our IFA test implements a high sensitivity immunoassay system. These include the availability of narrow wavelength low cost light sources, newer more stable fluorophores that have very wide Stokes shifts, stable solid state light detectors and microprocessors to process and analyze the data from each test.