IVD Test Private Brand Packages

Private Brand Package for IVD testing Devices

As private labelling and OEM packages are widely used in the IVD test business, we have set up an in-house graphic designing department to meet this requirement. And thanks to many years of experience supplying various customers in IVD OEM packages, such as customized foil pouch and boxes we are confident that our quality products and private packing services will help you to promote your business.
For our brand package materials, the cost of packages is included in the prices we quote. But if customers would like to order rapid test kits in their private brand package materials, we may have to ask for extra charges.
Some charges are refundable and will be reduced from the invoice value when you order goods in the private package, while others are one-time cost that will not be paid back.







  • Single Boxes for IVD Rapid tests
  • POUCH: Printing plate cost not redeemable; Pouch cost redeemable.This additional charge will be a one-time charge at actuals
  • OEM Package for IVD test Pouch Cassettes/Strips
  • Printing plates cost: 200 USD per printing plate, which is not redeemable

In order to make OEM foil pouches, we must make several printing plates. If there is 3 colours in one pouch design artwork, we need to make 4 pieces of printing plates. In other word, one extra white printing plate is needed. The total one-time cost will be 600 USD. Which will be paid by the customer at the beginning stage, and will not refunded to the customer.

The minimum order quantity for the first order including strips and cards in any order quantity should to be 250,000 tests if it is a common pouch for both as suggested or else 250,000 tests each if there are separate artworks for strips and cassettes.

Once the pouches have been made there is a refundable deposit in case the pouches have to be maintained in the inventory at USD0.01/test. This is adjusted in every order. Please note that this deposit is generally paid by us after having approximate confirmed quantities which our customers intend to sell during the financial year and is done mainly to expedite deliveries for every following order.

However if the Pouches and boxes in inventory are cancelled by the customer then a fee of USD 0.015 per pouch and 0.50 per box will be applicable

The customer are expected to transfer both the cost of printing plates and the prepayment of the pouches to our account before starting of the cooperation.

As to private IVD test boxes, the cost of printing film is very low, and we will not ask for extra charge. But we have to ask our customers to pay the printing cost of boxes after we both confirm the box design. After receiving the payment, we will start printing the boxes, and within 30 days the boxes will be ready for use.

The cost of this part is not redeemable, and will not be deducted from your invoice value when you import. The printing costs vary based on the size and the paper quality of the boxes. As an example, for 300 g white coated paper, and for a dimension of 222 X 145 X 90 mm, the cost a box is about 0.50 USD. This size can accommodate 100 to 200 strips and 50 cassettes per kit size.

To be cost effective, for big boxes, the minimum printing quantity is 5000 boxes, and 10,000 for smaller sizes.