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Apex has various rapid products line to diagnose Blood borne diseases, Malaria, Febrile diseases, enteric diseases, Tuberculosis, Sexually transmitted diseases, Dengue, Respiratory diseases, DOA, Tumour marker, Cardiac marker, Fertility Hormone and other diseases. In addition, Apex has ELISA products and urine strips &analyser, Clinical Chemistry, Serology & Hematology. Please refer to the products section.

Rapid products mean simple, easy, accurate and rapid diagnostic tools using on the ground. The principle applied in Apex Diagnostic products is Immunochromatographic assay (ICA) which uses antigen-antibody complex. It is an on site diagnostic that requires no equipment, no refigeration, trained personnel, lab facilities, transport of samples to central testing sites and delays in reporting of results. Moreover the tests have excellent stability and a long shelf life. Tye tests are ideal for use under conditions where other testing methods and facilities are not readily available or is cost prohibitive especially in resource poor and or rural settings

Apex Diagnostics provides the instruction for use for customers in every kit box. If you follow the instruction for use there is nothing wrong with using the products. So, please read the instruction before use.

Refer to the instruction for use, immunochromatographic assay alone cannot be used to diagnose target disease even if a target antigen or antibody is present in a patient’s specimen. A negative result at any time does not preclude the possibility of target disease. It means that it is possible that a false positive or a false negative case can be appeared because the performance of ICA is high but not 100% because ICA is screening test for diagnosis.
So, additional confirmatory test should be conducted because a definitive clinical diagnosis should not be based on the results of a single test, but should only be made by the physician and additional laboratory findings that have been evaluated.These cases should be reported to our technical support team in order to investigate.

Strict inspections are conducted in our quality control process. It is a low probability that a component defect may occur. If you find a component defect, please report it to our technical support team immediately!

Insufficient volume or procedural error is the most likely reason for control line failure or invalid result. We kindly recommend that you need to review the procedure in IFU and repeat the test with a new test device. However, invalid results occur repeatedly, please report it to our technical support immediately!