"Our success or failure is not based on how many drugs we sell, but on how well our offerings improve health outcomes"

Apex Diagnostics was established in the year 1999 and operates as a Premier Biotechnology Company specializing in import, supply and distribution of highly advanced clinical in-vitro diagnostic test systems. Our mission is to form strong, lasting relationships with customers and to supply them with top quality products, provide competitive prices, and offer excellent service. Together we can extend enhanced health care and reliable practices worldwide. Our focus is to expand our markets nationally & internationally by cooperating with reputed companies around the world.


In today’s highly regulated market, IVD products must answer to various quality, security and performance requirements, guaranteeing the safety of medical professionals and patients alike. Apex Diagnostics has established an exceptional reputation for the quality of its products supported by a dedicated team of professionals that ensure all products respect the norms and quality standards as well as product directives so our clients receive the best products and services available. Most of our registered  products also have approval licenses from the United States Food and Drug and Administration (USFDA) & European CE marks and are manufactured in  ISO 13485 facilities.



As one of the largest importers of diagnostic kits in the country, our main strength lies in our flexibility to provide our customers with timely deliveries, competitive prices and OEM private label fully customized to the customer’s specifications. Our network covers a large number of distributors, Affluent Corporates and Government institutions nationwide. At Apex Diagnostics, our goal is to excel in the challenges of the biomedical industry by bringing valuable testing technology that facilitates medical diagnosis and monitor treatment efficacy. We are committed to providing quality products, competitive and excellent services to our customers.


Our achievements and strengths

We are one of the largest supplier for many products especially the fertility range of products.

We excel in providing rapid tests fully customized for our customers in their brand and packaging.

We have won a number of institutional tenders for rapid test, urinalysis and biochemistry reagents.

We have now sold over 200 million rapid tests nationally across various segments of the industry.

We have a large base of corporate customers which include the most renowned pharmaceutical companies.

We are market leaders for our HCG (pregnancy) & Malaria Tests in the country.